There is nothing I enjoy more than elevating creative teams to help me create, direct and lead work that has been awarded at important advertising shows and festivals such as South by Southwest (SXSW), The Webby Awards, National and District Addy Awards including 7 Judges Choice and 4 Best of Shows. 
"Make lighting relevant" was the plea from General Electric. It was accomplished by changing consumer perception of light bulbs and leading the energy-efficient lighting revolution. Welcome to What's Your Lighting Style? You can change your mood by changing your lightbulbs. We told consumers what bulbs they needed to design with light and create their lighting style. This campaign won multiple Gold Addy Awards, a SXSW and a Webby nomination. 
The much anticipated launch of Saucy Brew Works provided an opportunity to produce an integrated campaign that spanned across multiple disciplines. An innovative and slightly irreverent message was key to building a new brand in an extremely competitive space. Interior design support graphically integrated the brand story into the architecture. Most importantly, the brewery launched successfully and the work won recognition.
If you need an excuse to grow a hideous mustache and support kids in need, there is Mustaches for Kids. The Akron Ohio chapter was founded by Keathley Ad and the talented Jesse Taylor. The vintage style and playful imagery gave this campaign a look and feel that made it exceptional and award winning. The campaign took home two Best in Show Awards, two Judge's Choice and a District Gold Addy
1 in 4 women suffer from incontinence. They continue to avoid seeking treatment because it is not a fun subject to bring up with your doctor, unless someone starts the conversation. That is exactly what we did for companies like Pfizer, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson and multiple urologists around the country. 
Welcome to The Accidental Sisterhood.

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