As I look through the digital initiatives I've led, I think about what made them successful and why brands continue to invest in us. Clearly brand direction, innovation and unique processes are integral, but the real value comes from the digital strategies that are revealed along the way. 
A deep and intimate understanding of our audiences takes the guessing work out of everything. Understanding their wants, needs and desires along every micro-moment of their user journey is where we start. Then a super comprehensive approach to the user experience strategy assures that we are uniquely satisfying those needs. 
Personalization strategies, testing everything and visualizing data, all help connect the user to the experience and gives us the structure to automate wherever possible, allowing us to focus on what is important. 
Being wildly strategic and ridiculously creative is easier when we have all the answers, and the answers come to us with a proven approach to research. This is how creative delights at every level and how the message is created in a simple, clear and contextual way that relates to our audiences every time.
Collaborative harmony between design, content and development brings it all to life. It assures the success and attention to detail that you will see in every section. 
They all rely on each other, and the realization that each digital strategy is unique and can only be clarified when both the left side of brain and the right side of the brain work together to produce the magic that exponentially delivers the business results and value that is expected. 

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